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The Banyan Difference

“To win the Marketplace you must first win in the Workplace” – Doug Conant

Your business is only as successful as the individuals that comprise it, so finding engaged, passionate employees is more important than ever.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the cost of a bad hire is up to 30% of the employees first year earnings.

At Banyan Recruitment, we save time and money for our clients by implementing our targeted “headhunting” approach to find the best candidates for each individual position.  In opposition to the traditional recruiting approach, we spend time partnering together with our clients on the front-end to really get to know the job, requirements, and soft-skills necessary to be successful in the role… Then go out and find the top candidates for the position. 

  • Comprehensive professional global networks

  • Access the hidden market: the 90% of candidate who do not know your opportunity exists
  • Well-developed, *Targeted sourcing techniques (our ability to source specialist candidates)
  • A genuine commitment to understanding your business, culture and people
  • Consultative approach – developed over 50+ years of global market knowledge and experience within the headhunting and recruiting field
  • Honest, Timely, and Straightforward feedback

  • Our core values: Professional, Transparent, Accountable, Honest and Ethical


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